Thursday, 21 February 2008

Leaving for Las Vegas!

Guess what? Tomorrow I'm off to Las Vegas! (pronounced
"Lost Wages")
. Daddy's taking me along so he "won't miss me". Personally, I think he needs me for collateral.

Since I'll be busy in Vegas all week, I won't be posting to my blog. I'll tell you all about my trip when (if) I return.

Las Vegas, here I come!


Larc said...

Vegas is Coral's Grammy's favorite place - she's going at the end of March! Coral's staying right here, in Detroit, with her mom and dad though! Let us know if Evan has fun, maybe we'll take her sometime!

The City Gal said...

Be careful there! Do not gamble your education fund!

:) see you when you return!

Miriam said...

woooohooooooo, hit the bellagio first!