Sunday, 23 July 2006

A day at Great Wolf Lodge

Wow, I really had a ball! I spent the whole day at the waterpark. I was in a raft, a whirlpool and a wave pool (although I was the only one waving). I didn't know what I would see next! I even played basketball! (I'll show you a video clip in tomorrow's post!)

I have to pee! ...never mind.

(P.S. They had other stuff too, like talking animals and trees!
At night I had fun at the arcade).


mmwc said...

no peeing in the pool!!! geez, Evan.

Drea said...

awe so cute. im jealous u can wear a bikini aftering having a baby lol.

That waterpark looks like Kalahari. Ever hear of it?

Evan Satoru said...

No I've never heard of Kalahari. But if it's anything like HaraKiri, I'd stay away.