Sunday, 23 July 2006

A day at Great Wolf Lodge

Wow, I really had a ball! I spent the whole day at the waterpark. I was in a raft, a whirlpool and a wave pool (although I was the only one waving). I didn't know what I would see next! I even played basketball! (I'll show you a video clip in tomorrow's post!)

I have to pee! ...never mind.

(P.S. They had other stuff too, like talking animals and trees!
At night I had fun at the arcade).


M said...

no peeing in the pool!!! geez, Evan.

Drea said...

awe so cute. im jealous u can wear a bikini aftering having a baby lol.

That waterpark looks like Kalahari. Ever hear of it?

My name is EVAN Prosserman. said...

No I've never heard of Kalahari. But if it's anything like HaraKiri, I'd stay away.