Friday, 18 January 2008

*JAPAN SLIDESHOW * (updated)

Hello, and welcome to my vacation! I was in Japan from Dec.15 to Jan.18. To see what I did there, just click on the slideshow below. Don't forget your bag of popcorn!

- To see SLIDESHOW (Full Screen), CLICK HERE. (20-30 min)
- To see PICTURES only (418 pics), CLICK HERE.

*Latest (and final) Update - Jan.22, 2008


The City Gal said...

Evan, Thank you so much for the amazing pictures.

WOW. I learned so much about Japan!

Please post more pictures with captions!

Anonymous said...

these pictures were awesome!!!
Your lucky evan that you've been to Japan!!!

Larc said...

Walls of vending one time, that would have been a dream come true for my brother (he was a VM addict!).
Glad you're having fun and sharing your pics! And here I thought the London Underground was complex....

The City Gal said...

Oh boy!

I loved the golden poop!

I feel so lucky to be able to learn about Japan through your camera lens!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having fun, Evan. I miss you a lot. I guess I miss your parents, too.

The City Gal said...

Hi Evan and family,

We will be anxiously waiting for New Year's pictures from Japan :)

I hope you are all having a great time and enjoy your holidays.

Anonymous said...

Hi Evan... omygosh, your pictures brought back tons of memories! Natsukashiiii! Maybe your daddy can talk my daddy into paying for a plane ticket back to Tokyo too! Stay young forever so Mommy & Daddy will keep footing the bill! :-) Have fun and eats lots of sushi... yum, and take lots of hot baths too! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Anonymous said...

Great trip, great pictures, comparable to my HK trip during the X'mas. Waiting to the Jan additional photos

Massimo said...

GREAT PICS and comments! I was recently in north-western Japan at Grandma and Grandpa's but it didnt snow nearly as much as wherever you were...WOW! Mama and Papa took far fewer pics and will try to post them over the next week or so...check them out when you have time.
Looking forward to seeing more pics from your trip.


Anonymous said...

hey Evan and Family!!!,
I just want to thank you for the gift you gave me. I really loved it!!!
Anyway hope your having a blast in Japan!!!

Karen>>> Edgar's Daughter!!! <3